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Q1. Can Wonder-gun suck liquid?

Yes. However the amount is not much because it is air tool; only a little water is sucked by air. We recommend Silent-Cleaner can handle gravel for liquid.

Q2. Can Wonder-gun suck powder?

Yes. However its dust bag is not made fine in order to let air go through (if it is too fine, it blows up), so sucked powder goes out of the dust bag. This is the same with Dust Collector series too. We recommend Mini-Porter-Cyclone and Silent-Cleaner can handle gravel for powder.

Q3. Our purchased products have low performance. Are they defective?

Please check if you use the products under sufficient conditions. Confirm if your compressed air provides enough quantity of air and use air hoses big enough for the products. Please refer to the recommended compressor size chart.

Q4. Any warranty?

Please contact the shop you bought the products for warranty and return policy. We basically have no warranty since our products don't break down. But if the goods were damaged in transit, we can offer new products. Please send the damaged products and send pictures to prove the damage before you open the boxes.

Q5. What's the payment term and minimum order quantity?

For direct trading, our payment term is T/T Japanese yen in advance. Minimum order quantity is 1. We have distributors in many countries so please contact us.

Q6. We would like to suck fine powder. Can we buy Mini-Porter-Cyclone only?

Standard Mini-Porter-Cyclone (ex: MP38CF12) doesn't work by itself. It needs another vacuum cleaner such as Silent-Cleaner can handle gravel. However, Mini-Porter-Cyclone WA models (ex: MP38WACF12) can work by itself since it is equipped with an ejector.

Q7. We have SC30-32S but want SC30-32SW/F. Can we change SC30-32S to SC30-32S W/F?

Yes. We have filters to change SC30-32S to SC30-32SW/F, SC30-32SW/F to SC30-32S.

Q8. Can our SC30-32S W/F suck liquid?

Yes. But please take off the filter so that it doesn't get wet. We have Hydro stopper as an option.

Q9. Do you have anti-static Mini-Porter-Cyclone and Silent-Cleaner can handle gravel?

We offer conductive hoses. We recommend ones with SUS tank not PVC tank.

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